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teen. from domestic battles to international unrest, president obama will have strong words for north korea. just this morning, the country conducted its third nuclear test. in a statement, the president called it a highly provocative act and promised to pursue action. in afghanistan, the president is expected to detail the end of the war there. florida senator, marco rubio, will deliver the republican response to tonight's state of the union. following tonight's speech, president obama leaves on a three-day tour to push his economic agenda. he's hoping to create enough public pressure to force a compromise on capitol hill. >> thank you very much. the nation's most valuable company will be represented at state of the union is apple ceo sits next to the first lady. >> good morning. if i were a guest at the state of the union, i'd already be lining up on the capitol steps. cook was in san francisco just until just a short time ago. he just finished speaking at an event for which we have no pictures, a goldman sachs investors event. we assume he got on a plane and was heading towards was
is doing just fine. >>> fresh off delivering his state of the union address, president obama is in north carolina pitching his jobs plan. he used last night's speech to promote a stronger focus on job creation saying the state of the union is stronger. the most emotional moment came when he pushed for changes to gun control, the president singling out victims saying, quote, they deserve a vote. >>> this morning we spoke to one of our political analysts who said he was described by what he didn't talk about. >> i kind of thought he might talk about some of his nominees that he's trying to get confirmed in the senate, the fact that chuck hagel, there's some debate about whether or not he should be confirmed. oftentimes presidents will call for a fair up or down vote on these nominees. >> chuck headachele could become leon panetta's auk sesser if he's confirmed. overall the president's address was safe and prague mamatipragm >>> it's been nothing but good vibrations all the last couple days. >> it has. it will get better. into valentine's day we'll turn up the heat. it is actually pretty co
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2